Benefits of Screen Printing

Screen printing is very common these days and almost every person is aware of it. In the screen printing process ink is used which is passed through the fabric using a stencil or squeezing device. A frame is also used so that the cloth or material doesn’t shifts from its position. The stencils are designed according to the design. The color is first transferred in these stencils and then the stencils are unblocked on the cloth or the target material. This screen printing method is used in creating clothes like t-shirts, shirts, kids wear, and other garments.


There is a drawback in this screen printing process which has become a matter of worry for cloth business owners. The reason is that there are thousands of colors which are imprinted on garments and for each color a new stencil has to be created. It is not a good decision because it increases the overall production cost as a result of which the cost of end product increases. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the overall production cost, some economical decisions should be made.

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Apart from these disadvantages, there are some benefits of screen printing also-:

  • Economical-: the screen printing is beneficial when you have to make many copies of the same design. This is a case when wholesale or product in large quantity is required. Here, same panels can be used every time, the pattern is required. This is one of the best and cheap ways of utilizing the stencil. In this way, the cost of stencil can be recovered as well as good profit can be made.
  • Quicker process-: as compared to other advertising methods, screen printing is very fast and efficient. To provide a good impression on your clients and millions of viewers, you should use screen printing method only. This method is both hassles free and simple. You can start your business easily because the only requirements for screen printing process are material and screen panels. Make sure that once the colors are created, they should be used quickly for ad printing to attract large audience because these colors dry quickly.
  • Larger designs-: if you want to create powerful and resourceful designs that are quiet large in size, you should use the screen printing method as it is very efficient in these situations. Making adjustments is very simple as no distortion is required. The size of stencil’s counterparts can be increased or decreased depending on the requirement of the design.
  • Wide range of utility-: screen printing can be put to many uses because of their effectiveness and quality of results obtained. This method can be used for printing designs on garments, clothes, and other fabrics. These days screen printing is also used for printing on circuit boards, balloons, labels, and so on.
  • Sturdy and tough-: the best thing about screen printing is that they are sturdy and tough. This means that the colour or texture doesn’t get removed easily provided some precautions are taken. Their also don’t get dull or weary and the plastic ink is completely environment friendly. The colors are beautiful, bright, and attractive and maintain their quality for longer time.